How do we bring the seagulls and the experience of the seagulls to life? Some short video documentation of spinning feathers – quite theatrical – with some very interesting sequences / possibilities etc. Using cheap motor (salvaged from a broken DVD player) and a few feathers, it is amazing the effects that can be created. Tech set up quite simple – DC motors coupled to feathers controlled by Arduino. With more geared motors the motion could be more controlled and more elegant.

Flatholm Island image courtesy of CCC

In terms of parameters this set up could give us motion / speed / density (i.e. how many feather are spinning as a fraction of total feathers) and if we add lighting / shadows that could be another variable – possibly introducing colour too. These feathers could allow for waves / flocking / swarming type behaviours though there is no reason that it would have to be like this…there are lots of possibilities to explore. Also, there is a surprising (or perhaps not so surprising) breeze produced by the motion producing an unexpected extra sensual dimension to the physicalisation.


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