‘Colours in nature are omnipresent and serve an essential role in providing a wide range of signals: “I am fertile!”, “I am tasty!”, “I am dangerous” ‘The Royal Society .

The colours of Flatholm island range from lush green shades to barren brown tones. Each season brings its own distinct array of colours.

Thinking about these colour palettes and how they arrange on the island, we turn to the warden as he walks around the island undertaking his daily counting duties. Indeed, when it comes to counting the Flora and Fauna on the island, the warden finds it easier to divide the island into areas. See the example below for the areas where the seagulls have been spotted.

Map of Flatholm Island courtesy of CCC

The wild leeks are spotted in the following areas of Flathom island: Garden, Wildlife Garden,  Castle Rock, Behind Fog Horn Station, Near Slow Worm Point 9, Jackdaw Point, Driftwood Klargester, Top of Ditch, Driftwood Generator Room, Driftwood Steps, Driftwood Stores (Entrance), Lighthouse Common South+ Barracks, Lighthouse East, Lighthouse West, Bottleswell Battery, North Battery and Cholera Hospital

Looking at these areas from an aesthetic perspective, we can start to build up a patchwork of flexible colours to present the areas and where the Flora and Fauna are spotted.


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