Some experiments with back lighting a translucent map of the island with ‘neopixel’ LEDs. The LEDs allow for individual addressing (in strings of hundreds – potentially) and colour / brightness control using red, green, blue parameters of 0-255 (8-bit).

So potentially a huge range of mappable parameters. In practice the top end of brightness (i.e. around 170-255) is not so discernible and also we have to be a little bit careful not to end up with a colour palette that looks like christmas lights! But take a look at the amazing effects that can be created.

This experiment is just using 4 Neopixels and an A3 cut out of the island. Baking paper was used to diffuse the light and actually the texture effect it creates is very effective. If we were to take this further imagine a two metre (ish) wide map with a grid of a hundred or so Neopixels diffused through misted acrylic – we could have quite specific locations as well as brightness and colour. This could be a powerful way to present data and also sentiment.


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