Over the last few weeks we have been exploring three different yet interlinked components: the dynamic/ movable 3D island map, the rotating cuboid lighthouse and the dynamic feathers on motors. We have reached a stage now where we need to think about what works with what and how? We need to think about scale, orientation, rotation and the practicalities of building these components. For example, do we mount the moveable island on the wall or do we have it on the ground or on a table? If on the ground, can we walk through this moveable island? All this ‘thinking’ requires a very ‘practical’ conversation and some answers on how many servos or equivalent, arduinos etc. will actually and realistically work together?…. this information will then feedback and influence the design and also the data to be used.

In midst of all this thinking and working out…. we have also been back on the 3D printing and also exploring the cog dynamics and other moveable parts.


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